Wear a polo shirt to look beautiful



Polo shirts are known as an indispensable item for a true man. However, even though we all have at least 1-2 polo shirts in our men’s wardrobes, do you admit that this “friend” is not often favored to be pulled out of the corner of the closet to wear often? ? Perhaps one of the most common reasons is that polo shirts are often associated with Western European school uniforms. However, lets me affirms that polo deserves more attention and love from gentlemen. It is the perfect combination of a T-shirt and shirt, so polo is very suitable for occasions that require elegance but are not too rigid. Furthermore, in a world full of young men wearing T-shirts of all colors, why not become an elegant, trendy man by upgrading yourself with a well-fitting polo shirt? ?!

Choose a polo shirt that fits

There are 2 important criteria you need to keep in mind when choosing to buy a polo shirt:

  • Length: The hem should not be longer than ½ of the back pocket – absolutely not above the waist and not long enough to cover the hips; The great length will ensure you can comfortably tuck it in, but when you let it down, it won’t feel like a rumpled nightgown.
  • Sleeve: The hem of the sleeve should fall exactly in the middle of the bicep and should not exceed 2/3 of the length from the tip of the shoulder to the elbow.

In general, like regular T-shirts, a beautiful polo will hug the body but not create a feeling of stuffiness or stuffiness. For tall guys or those who play sports, the polo shirt can fully hug and show off the chest and muscular arms, but the shirt from the waist down still needs to have comfortable space to be able to move without needing to wear it. too cautious.

* Should not:

– Wear a layer of underwear inside. There are many people who often have the habit of wearing a tank top, but please remember that it is only suitable when you are wearing a work shirt.

– Breaking the rules with 2 layers of polo shirts is a big no-no and should be avoided

– Wearing a polo shirt collar will ruin your outfit, not make you more stylish

* Should

– Install at least 1 shirt button. Removing all the buttons will make the outfit look sluggish and sloppy. On the contrary, you will score points if you take the trouble to button all the buttons that appear on the polo shirt.

– Be completely comfortable with the decision of whether to tuck in or not. Polo has the advantage of providing the wearer with creative freedom in terms of comfortable or polite style in any situation.

– To change your look and improve your feelings for polo, you should own 3 polos with basic color tones white, black, gray and on nice days like today, don’t be afraid to try a slightly different one like red, blue or purple!

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