It’s winter, let’s wear a sweater, guys




It’s Winter, Let’s Wear a Sweater, Guys

Sweaters are known as an indispensable item in the wardrobe of modern men. Sweaters often appear with many designs, weaves and materials, but maybe it’s because we men don’t really understand it so we feel confused when choosing a sweater for ourselves. Is wool suitable among countless options?

In this article, Lets me will provide you with useful information to answer the question of how to choose a good sweater. A valuable sweater is one that is made from good materials, has professional knitting techniques, is highly durable and has a design that does not go out of fashion.

Lets me recommends that you invest in a sweater that has the following characteristics:

– Made from natural materials or a mixture of materials of natural origin

– Fits the body, both in sleeve length, shoulders and waist

– Material thickness depends on purpose of use and weather

– Possesses a classic design and style to avoid easily going out of fashion next season

– Does not shed hair easily

Sweaters are clothes that are easy to combine with different items during the changing seasons and also contribute to keeping the body warm as the weather gradually turns to winter. But do our boys know how to choose a suitable and suitable sweater for themselves?

– The hem of the sweater should at least extend past the waist or reach the exact point where it meets the waistband of the pants. For example, if you can see the shirt peeking out through the sweater or the hem of the sweater rises above the waist when sitting down, the length of the shirt is completely inappropriate.

– The seam between the sleeve and shoulder must fall exactly at the final position of the shoulder blade

– The sleeve cuff should be about 3cm from the end of the thumb bone

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