Dress beautifully with men’s shorts


On erratic sunny and rainy days, shorts are always a powerful friend that always stands by men. However, do guys have enough confidence that they know it by heart? Is there any secret to choosing shorts that fit well, what shirt to pair with to be fashionable, and how to wear them comfortably? Let’s review with lets me the knowledge that this close friend needs to master.


Choose shorts that fit

The first thing to pay attention to when choosing a pair of shorts is their length. However, it is difficult to give a specific number for the length of a standard pair of shorts because it also depends on each person’s height. So, the basic rule you need to remember is: “Never wear shorts that go above your knees unless you intend to be sloppy and sloppy.”

As for looseness, you do not need to wear tight-fitting pants to avoid making it difficult to move or sit down, especially when we are in the hot summer. Instead, choose pants that are moderately loose, but never wear baggy shorts if you don’t want to look like you just borrowed your grandfather’s pants.

Mix shorts beautifully

A pair of neutral khaki shorts will always be an easy and safe choice. You will be able to have many options to style F5 with just a single pair of pants every day by combining them with t-shirts, polo shirts, even short-sleeved shirts.

For gatherings of friends, you don’t need to think too hard, just open the closet and get a pair of white sneakers, and on a nice day when you have a date with her, you can choose a pair of light brown leather shoes to match. with shorts.

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